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Transform yourself through yoga. Strive for optimal well-being. Dive in and work towards your physical and emotional potential.

At Midline Yoga in Fort Collins, we work to support you as you evolve your yoga practice. Fueled by Integrative Physiotherapy’s philosophy that movement is and should be functional, Midline’s yoga studio offers an array of functionally based yoga classes. From our Yoga for EveryBODY class to our vigorous Hot Fusion class, Midline offers yoga classes for all abilities, mobilities and body types.

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Yoga Classes

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Vin and Yin

This class begins with a heat building Yang (flow) practice to prepare the body to melt into a deep practice of Yin yoga posture. Begin class with dynamic movement to warm the body, boost
circulation and enhance mood. Finish class by settling in to yin postures for the benefit of the myofascia, range of motion and joint health. Leave feeling rested, restored and released.



A moving meditation, Ashtanga offers a vigorous, heat-building practice that uses a set series of postures, mindful attention and concentrated breathing to open the body, deepen sensation and encourage proper alignment as you move toward a deeper yoga of compassion and meditation. This classical form of yoga combines power and flexibility with movement, bandhas and breath to produce an energetic and detoxifying practice.

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Yoga for EveryBODY

Yoga for EveryBODY is geared for all level of practitioners. Providing a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment, this class strives to demonstrate the functional benefits of yoga to any
lifestyle, body shape and capability level. Yoga shouldn’t be daunting – if you’ve ever been hesitant to take a yoga class, this class is for YOU!


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Want to learn more about practicing yoga, improving your body, and integrating yoga into your life? Our yoga instructors share their unique insights to help you. 


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Our yoga instructors come from various backgrounds and enjoy sharing their passion for the practice of yoga.